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What is MineralBoost?

MineralBoost is a combination of finely-ground, high-quality minerals and additives which have been granulated into a Rumen Dispersible Granule for convenience of use and to ensure even distribution through animal feeds.


Granulation has the added advantages of making MineralBoost dust-free while greatly enhancing palatability, and is easy to handle, blend and measure. MineralBoost has been specifically designed to overcome macro mineral deficiencies in diets for modern dairy cows


Realising the genetic potential of modern dairy cows is only possible if diets are appropriately supplemented with macro and trace minerals that if deficient cause production, metabolic, growth or reproductive constraints.

Additionally, there is a full range of products including chelated trace minerals, ionophores (Rumensin or Bovatec) and ACVM registered Zinc for the prevention of facial eczema.

MineralBoost can be added to your animal feed by your feed company or supplied by your rural merchant in 1 tonne or 25kg bags for use on farm.

All products have a simple recommended feed rate of 200 grams per cow per day for an average dairy cow on a typical feed ration containing pasture and supplementary feed. This may be increased for higher yielding cows or amended for specific diets.

Contact the MineralBoost Team to discuss your options.