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The Rumen Dispersible Granule

The Rumen Dispersible Granule (RDG) is a new, patented delivery technology which has been designed to have the benefits of a granule during mixing and freight (less dust, less segregation, less waste), while dispersing into super-fine powder once inside the rumen.

Macro minerals in powder form have a number of disadvantages for blending, mixing and consumption. They have varying particle sizes, bulk densities and are often unpalatable to animals. Granulation overcomes these issues by providing a uniform, easy to handle granule that mixes well through feed and is highly palatable.

MineralBoost has five key product attributes:

The Rumen Dispersible Granule - MineralBoost G2

  1. Less dust – no waste
  2. Less segregation - accurate dosage, means piece of mind
  3. Easy to use – saves time and money
  4. Highly palatable – no feed reluctance
  5. Degrades in rumen – for better mineral uptake

Product Range To Suit You

As well as the macro minerals contained within each MineralBoost granule a full product range is available which includes Rumensin®, Bovatec®, zinc oxide and organic trace elements in the form of Bioplex® High Five.


Blending and Delivery Options

MineralBoost can be blended with your supplementary feed by your feed supplier at point of dispatch or alternatively blended into your supplementary feed rations on farm by you. MineralBoost is designed to be fed in supplementary feed via in shed feed silos, mixer wagons, feed pads, mineral dispensers or bulk feed systems.

Quality Assurance Guaranteed

MineralBoost only contains high quality ingredients from reputable supply companies which are fully tested and traceable by batch. Every batch of MineralBoost is independently lab tested for mineral content, dissolution profile and is fully traceable by batch number before being released to market.