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MineralBoost Zinc

MineralBoost Zinc has been specifically designed and registered as an Agricultural Compound and Veterinary Medicine for the prevention of facial eczema in cows.

MineralBoost Zinc is a rumen dispersible granule containing zinc oxide for the prevention of facial eczema. MineralBoost Zinc has the added benefits of calcium, magnesium and sodium, all key minerals for production, feed efficiency and heat stress commonly seen in dairy cows over the summer months.

The rumen dispersible granule is patented technology designed to exhibit the benefits of a granule during mixing and freight (less dust, less segregation, less waste), while dispersing into ultra-fine powder once inside the rumen ensuring best mineral uptake. MineralBoost Zinc is a very convenient and cost effective method of adding zinc to animal feed to prevent facial eczema.

Technical Information

MineralBoost Zinc is made up of zinc oxide (for the prevention of facial eczema), calcium, magnesium and sodium (salt).

To understand what is actually available to the cow, MineralBoost Zinc is reported in elemental levels per 200gm dose, which is as follows:

Calcium - 48gms elemental Ca
Magnesium - 8gms elemental Mg
Sodium (salt) - 10gms elemental Na
Zinc - 9.6gms elemental Zn (12gms zinc oxide)

Zinc Oxide

Zinc oxide used within MineralBoost Zinc is the most available form of zinc for the dairy cow. Zinc reduces the ability of sporidesmin to form free radicals and cause cell damage within the liver. It is recommended to start at a preventative dose rate 2 to 3 weeks before spore counts are expected to rise, as this is far more effective than crisis dosing after the spore count has risen.


The ultra-fine calcium (lime floor) in MineralBoost is manufactured from high quality limestone. Combine this with the industry’s most stringent manufacturing and testing processes, ensures the outcome is a fine, high calcium supplement you can trust.

Calcium maximises milk production potential, boosts low calcium supplements such as PKE, PKE blends and maize silage for optimum assimilation, improves reproduction, strengthens the cows’ immune system, and counters the stress from hot weather and extreme activity.


MineralBoost granules contain the highest quality ultra-fine particle magnesium sourced out of Australia.

Import in summer months, magnesium is required for the production of hormones that are important for the absorption of calcium and zinc from the gut and the mobilisation of calcium from bones. Magnesium supplementation will reduce animal health problems and increase milk production.


MineralBoost contains New Zealand’s highest quality salt. Dairy cows routinely expel Na from the body in urine, faeces, saliva and milk which has to be replaced.

Sodium is an essential element for animals, and may be one of the most cost effective methods of increasing milk production. Sodium plays a key role during the summer months for feed efficiency and heat stress within animals.

Application Rate 

The recommended dose rate is 200gms/cow/day. For the prevention of Facial Eczema.


  • Silo - Mixer Wagon - Dry Mineral Dispenser
  • Blended by your feed company in you PKE or PKE meal blends
  • Delivered directly onto farm


MineralBoost should be stored off the ground and away from any moisture. It is recommended to reseal bags once opened.


MineralBoost is available in 25kg or 1 tonne bulk bags. Prices quoted by merchants include on farm delivery.


MineralBoost is available from your local feed supplier or rural merchant.

Quality Guarantee

MineralBoost only contains premium ingredients from highly reputable suppliers. Every batch of MineralBoost is independently tested for mineral content, dissolution profile and is fully traceable by batch number. This means every batch can be traced back to its raw ingredients, date of manufacture and independent laboratory results.

* Registered pursuant to the ACVM Act 1997 No.A10914; Mineral supplementation for the prevention of facial eczema in cows Patent #59897.

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