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MineralBoost Hi-Mag

MineralBoost Hi-Mag contains all the essential minerals within MineralBoost boosted with extra magnesium.

MineralBoost Hi-Mag is a rumen dispersible granule containing high quality calcium, magnesium and sodium. MineralBoost Hi-Mag has been specifically designed to overcome well known mineral deficiencies in an animals diet and supplementary feed and therefore maximise the nutritional value of your PKE, meal blends, silages and grain feeds - enabling you to turn good feed into great feed.

When added to an animal's diet, MineralBoost Hi-Mag will maximise production and live weight gain whilst also safe guarding against metabolic disorders. The rumen dispersible granule is a patented delivery technology designed to exhibit the benefits of a granule during mixing and freight (less dust, less segregation, less waste), while dispersing into super fine powder once inside the rumen - providing you with a very convenient method of adding macro nutrients to an animal’s diet.

Application Rate

The recommended dose rate is 100-200gms/cow/day.

Elemental rate per 100 grams
Calcium - 21gms
Magnesium - 10gms
Sodium (salt) - 5.5gms

Elemental rate per 200 grams
Calcium - 42gms
Magnesium - 20gms
Sodium (salt) - 11gms


MineralBoost should be stored off the ground and away from any moisture. It is recommended to reseal bags once opened.


MineralBoost is available in 25kg or 1 tonne bulk bags.


MineralBoost is available from your local feed supplier or rural merchant.

Quality Guarantee

MineralBoost only contains premium ingredients from highly reputable suppliers. Every batch of MineralBoost is independently tested for mineral content, dissolution profile and is fully traceable by batch number. This means every batch can be traced back to its raw ingredients, date of manufacture and independent laboratory results.