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MineralBoost Max for cows - it’s your reproduction assurance

MineralBoost Max for cows - it’s your reproduction assurance

Author: SuperUser Account/Tuesday, 1 September 2015/Categories: Latest News

This season, don't gamble with your herd's reproduction.

MineralBoost Max is a rumen dispersible granule which contains calcium, magnesium, sodium and organic trace minerals specifically designed to overcome the shortfalls of supplementary feed mineral deficiencies.

MineralBoost is specially formulated to maximise production and reproduction while also safe guarding against metabolic disorders.

As quoted in a recent article by leading nutritionist Trish Lewis, “Once cows are through the transition period and into early lactation, it is important to maintain good nutrition in order to ensure a high 6 week in-calf rate and low empty rate. The egg that is released in the first round of mating starts to form around calving time. Good nutrition from calving to mating helps to ensure a good quality egg is released at mating, with a greater chance of good embryo viability leading to a full term pregnancy.  It is also important in achieving a good submission rate and a high  conception rate in the first two rounds of mating.”

With high quality calcium, magnesium and sodium and the added advantage of Rumensin® and Bioplex® High Five -  the five essential minerals for reduced somatic cells, healthy reproduction and high production in early lactation - MineralBoost Max is the essential mineral supplement to ensure improved reproduction this season.

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