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Milk Fever example I found today

By Grant Farquhar

Author: Taryn/Thursday, 12 October 2017/Categories: Latest News

A great example of a cow lacking in Calcium and probably energy (sub-clinical Ketosis). Note the others sitting up and Ruminating (chewing cud), whilst the other has neck and head folded back into the stomach. Calcium’s key role is muscle contraction and relaxation.

Without adequate supply, the animal cannot efficiently ruminate it’s food, leading into lower energy intake and subsequent lower feed intake. A downward spiral leading into clinical Milk Fever and Ketosis.

Keep an eye out for animals like this on your travels, often the farmer is unaware until it’s too late. It can happen very quickly (ie between milkings). Let the owner know, it might save a cow, and lift your standing with that client or prospect!

If you have any questions please let me know, and remember the best way to get calcium in accurate amounts is via feed, and the best way is using MineralBoost.


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