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Your facial eczema prevention should be well under way

Spore counts are rising in certain areas - Check out the following report to find out where

Author: Keesha Callaghan/Monday, 25 January 2016/Categories: Latest News, Latest News, Latest News

 As more regions are reported on we are seeing a dramatic lift in spore counts. Make sure that your facial eczema preventative programme  is well underway and that you are using proven zinc products such as MineralBoostG2 Zinc.

 MineralBoostG2 Zinc is registered with the ACVM as a veterinary medicine for the prevention of facial eczema and should be included in your next PKE or meal blend order at 200gms per cow per day.

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Click here to view the Facial Eczema Risk and Incidence Report as of 21st January 2016

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